Construction Safety Summit


The Construction Safety Summit meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at:

John’s Incredible Pizza

9180 SW Hall Blvd, Beaverton (behind Washington Square)

CSS meetings are open to anyone interested and/or involved in Construction Safety

  • Cost is limited to 9.50 for lunch
  • Contact any of the CSS Steering Team members, for additional information
  • To be added to the CSS email directory, contact Al Arguedas (503-705-8313) or email to


Date Topic Presenter
21-Jan-2014 OR-OSHA Update Michael Wood – OR-OSHA
25-Feb-2014 Crane Load Capacity Calculation (3-Hr W/S) Stan Strickland – Travelers
22-Mar-2014 Wellness and Fitness David Douglas – Skanska
22-Apr-2014 Safety Planning TBD
27-May-2014 Safety Cultural-Create and Enhance (3-Hr W/S) TBA
24-Jun-2014 PDC – TBD TBA
22-Jul-2014 Golf Tournament Lewis River Golf Course
26-Aug-2014 Fall Prevention (3-Hr W/S) TBA
23-Sep-2014 Silica – New Standard TBD
28-Oct-2014 Fleet Exposure/Control Tim Herrolt – Travelers
25-Nov-2014 Confined Spaces-Electrical (3-Hr W/S) Two Part Topic/Presenter
23-Dec-2014 Year End Celebration TBA
Notes: Back up topics: Inspection and Citation Guidance for Roadway and Highway Construction Work Zones, Wellness Programs, Apps in safety, Aging workforce, Load Securment and Exposure, Spicing up Training, Crane Operations.

Steering Team

The Construction Safety Summit Steering Team meets prior to each meeting at 10:00AM at John’s Incredible Pizza.  The Steering Team invites any CSS member to participate in the meetings…Steering Team members are listed below.

Name Employer Phone Email
Ian Chase Slayden Construction 503-949-2138
Barry Moreland NECA-IBEW 503-501-5066
Clark Vermillion Arctic Sheet Metal 503-347-5179
Brian Clarke GEW-LLC 360-601-4365
Al Arguedas AJA Associates 503-705-8313
David Douglas Skanska 503-547-7147
Jeff Johnson ACME 503-519-3591
Steve Barret OR OSHA 971-673-2904
Pat Brunson Ness & Campbell 503-308-3418
Joe Forest McKinstry 503-250-0744
Pam Fisher Western States Fire 503-545-0385
Andrew Johnson Andersen 503-320-7601
Andy Karsnia EORM 503-710-7436
Rory Martindale DeWitt Const 360-831-3945
Dustin Schneider DeWitt Const 360-831-3945
Milton Stamp JE Dunn 503-758-7778
Phil Lemons Streimer Sheet Metal 503-866-2840
Thank you for supporting YOUR Construction Safety Summit in 2014!!!